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Frequently Asked Questions | Herbal Katie


How is Herbal Katie Different From Other Companies?

Herbal Katie is a small, family run company focused on providing natural products that are safe for your family and for the environment. Here at Herbal Katie, we are focused on using natural, organic (whenever possible), and gentle ingredients that are as effective as conventional alternatives. We even strive to buy our ingredients as locally as possible (and always fair-trade when we can’t) to lower our burden on the environment.

What Ingredients Will Herbal Katie not use?

Herbal Katie is dedicated to using only natural and non-toxic ingredients, so you will never find harmful chemicals in our products. All of our food-based products are made without artificial preservatives or flavorings, without MSG and without chemicals of any kind. Our cleaning will never contain harmful substances like phosphates, sulphates, silicones, petroleum-based surfactants, or chemicals you can’t even produce. All of our products are safe for you and safe for the environment. Herbal Katie always included all ingredients on our labels so that you can be confident in the safety of our products.

Are Herbal Katie Cleaning Products Hypo-allergenic?

All Herbal Katie products are made without the use of harmful chemicals. Some products do contain natural ingredients that some individuals may have an allergy to (For example, individuals with severe ragweed allergy may react to Chamomile). We make sure to include all ingredients on our products and our products do not ever come into contact with gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy or other common allergens.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Herbal Katie Products?

Herbal Katie products do not put harmful chemicals into the air, water or surfaces of your house. Our products are non-irritating to skin and gentle enough to use on almost all surfaces. Due to the high concentrations of sodium in the natural ingredients contained in some of our cleaning products, the products should not be consumed internally. If ingested, drink water to dilute the effect.

What is Castile Soap?

Castile Soap is an all natural, vegetable based soap that got its name because it was originally manufactured in the Castile region of Spain. Our Castile soap contains organic olive, coconut, palm, jajoba, and hemp oils and all ingredients are listed on our labels.

What is Borax?

Borax, or Sodium borate is a natural mineral which is widely used in the cosmetic industry. Since it is also utilized as a detergent, many people are shocked to learn that it is also a main ingredient in their favorite brand of bath salt! Borax naturally occurs from the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. The largest deposits of this mineral may be found in California, the American southwest, Chile, and Tibet. Borax is a very popular ingredient, simply because of its many varied applications, and its ease of use.

What are Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate?

Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate (also known as baking soda) is the chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. It is found dissolved in many mineral springs. Sodium Carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda crystals or soda ash or “Soda Carbonate”), Na2CO3, is a sodium salt of carbonic acid. It most commonly occurs as a crystalline heptahydrate, which readily effloresces to form a white powder, the monohydrate; and is domestically well known for its everyday use as a water softener. It has a cooling alkaline taste, and can be extracted from the ashes of many plants.

Where Does Herbal Katie Get Ingredients?

Herbal Katie uses ingredients from local and sustainable sources whenever possible. Herbs are organically grown or wildcrafted, and all forms of borax, sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate are from natural sources.

Are Herbal Katie Products Fair Trade?

All of our ingredients are purchased from local sources whenever possible, and from fair trade sources when local is not available.

Are Herbal Katie Products Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, all Herbal Katie products are free of petroleum based chemicals, surfactants and preservatives that damage the environment. All of our products are biodegradable and all of our ingredients are found in nature.

When Will There be More Herbal Katie Products Available?

Herbal Katie is always working on developing more healthy, pure and natural products that are safe for you and for our planet. If you have any products you would especially like to see, please drop me an email and I just might take your suggestion!